Saturday, November 27, 2010

family fun!

Family parties are so so so much fun. Had one at my place yesterday. Talking to my pretty bhabis and brothers and playing with their adooooooorable kids, dancing (Sheila out-did munni..but the oldies like munni more..everyone has their choices now..dont they?;)), barbecue, bon fire, listening to my cousin who’s getting married and her shopping expeditions. She asked her to-be-husband for a solitaire..the man wasn't so happy about that from what i heard. But c'mon, she has a right to demand the ring shes gonna wear on her finger the rest of her life. Go didi. :) And awesome food. My dad cooks the best mutton ever. Everybody enjoyed and sang songs. Typical hum aapke hai kaun scene except that some of my cousins were a little high;). My relatives are pretty awesome...very few opportunities to realize that. Good, fabulous is a more fitting word, time.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

boys are stupid, throw stones at them!:)

First things first..this line cracks me up.

Finally I ve started believing in this statement...or at least I know I believe in it. What’s with these atrocious half baked commitments like I will love you forever until I find someone else or unless I am caught cheating (here, really hoping that Emotional Atyachaar is not true and people are only acting for money) or till my mom says she doesn’t like the way you look. And I am not even talking of married men here. Don’t commit no? That’s wayyyyyyyy better and brazenly speaking, humane, than backing off later. Boys are meanies! I might be in a funny mood but i am serious.

One week seems like an entire month when exams get postponed.

My blog name is strawberryswati..that's kiddish for even a first year graduation student(that’s when I began writing) and posted by silly billy..i mean really? So embarrassed. In my defense I really liked strawberries and strawberry shake that time..i still somewhat do except that now I find it too sugary. And silly billy..lets just act that someone else made the account for me, shall we?:)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

...and nothing.

Count exams for ruining the fun part of studying. It makes everything something you havta do rather than something you want to do and that sucks. Like I was studying consti (my apparent favorite subject) and it’s become, politely put, not nice. And like only 2 holidays for limitation and arbitration (which btw is the worse subject, no, it’s not hard but so sinfully boring and has too many sections to remember and its not even related but is the same paper..wth?) and that’s like giving me palpitations. 2 days, I mean that’s not even enough for revision forget learning..oh God, what will I do. Dormant life that I have, the only thing that is seemingly good is the prospect of sleeping after finishing the small portion of course that I have to do. blah!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Driving in the rain, with the best person ever (mum..duh). Laughing and talking and singing songs.
Ankur having a holiday and taking my case the whole day. And my attempt to end it by throwing a bottle cap-ful of water on him and both of us laughing about it for 10 minutes.
Talking to my best friend and giggling about random non-funny but hilarious things :D
Mum dad returning from a wedding and discussing everything and everyone. So much fun.
These are the things i know i will miss when i don't have them. Or have less of.
These are the moments that make life beautiful. Exams, on the contrary, don’t!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I ve realized that I don’t get dreams anymore. I used to have them everyday 7-8 months back but nothing now. I don’t actually know if that’s a good thing or bad but does that mean there is nothing relevant enough in my conscious to dream about in my sub-conscious to get any negative or positive feeling towards such .But I did dream about discussing the color of my suit with my mom.:) Shopping then huh?:)

I am scared about my exams, it’s always nerve-wracking to study for them but this time I am actually frightened...probably I din give my last sem exams so I feel like I have studied less than everyone else. Weird...right?

Also, prioritize. Prioritize issues in life(you will often realise that you're worrying about the wrong things) and make sure they come after acknowledgment of the huge list of happy things you have gotten without much inconvenience. The issues will seem paltry.

In life...we all try to win...happiness, love, and luck? trying to control everything cuz we believe it’s our game and things will happen the way we want it (and get totally flustered if we lose), totally oblivious to the presence of someone out there who makes us walk on the path he feels is the best and no doubt, we will face adversities but it will be worth it. We ought to do what we can do with the best intentions and let God take care of us while we follow his way of life. Ask him/her to give us more strength to face troubles and more humility to relish success(ie.reward for effort) than making life simpler cuz the former might actually happen:)

Its the wedding season..4 people i know getting married. Sigh. Happy times.


Friday, November 5, 2010

This year, this Diwali , I would truly like to thank God for ending some horrible things literally (or as Ted says figuratively)and metaphorically..
and for starting with some new relationships/friendships. The worst that was the Worst is past. Present is good.

ps-diwali cards party-awesome.