Thursday, December 30, 2010


Only 17+1 months to go..happppppppppppy new year all. Hope you have a very healthy and thus a happy 2011. Partaaaaaaaay! :)
Love to all!:)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

living the dream!

My current lil sweet dream. Being delegated work, finishing it back to the associates..either getting a ‘good’ or very bluntly told to re-search the given’s so much fun. I love it. Its tiring and the topics given are often boring but the kick after doing it is what I am talking about. Niceeeee!:)

Friday, December 24, 2010


I truly understand why it gives those Master chef contestants such immense pleasure to cook in front of and for Adriano Zumbo and Maggie Beer or other great Australian chefs...and why Amitabh Bacchan or Marlon Brando or such accomplished actors can easily overwhelm the others or why Sachin Tendulkar is treated like God by cricketers or fervent cricket followers..Or why a person working in a law firm, be it an associate or a partner can intimidate me...and imagine standing in front of Fali.S. Nariman or H.S.Kapadia, I will be enthralled and speechless. These are personalities that we all aspire to be, in our own respective fields and it’s as if you wana absorb each word they say or every action they do. Moreover, it’s not that you feel inferior in front of them but you know that they are superior to you and hence the respect. Can’t wait to get placed in a law firm and be pleasantly intimating to will be fun.:)

Its Christmas time...lala lalaa..It’s soo exciting. The festive spirit is here. Especially now that the exams are over and I have nothing to do except work and marriage stuff and classes...oh, I sound busy but it’s all good. Any thing seems better, so much better than exam time. Office feels like Santa Clause’s home..decorated and filled with mirth. Merry Christmas you all. Have a lovely day and a delightful year ahead...and party...and hope you get all the materialistic and also the good non-materialistic things you desire. Enjoyyyyyy.:):)


Ps- All the men in my office are such eye candies..ahh!