Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eluding reality

Nothing is permanent. I know that. We know that. So, its almost like I don’t want to feel too much happiness or sorrow by the changing circumstances except that put the latter a few (say, a 1565x10000) notches higher. Now, I would truly like to believe that we should accept what is given to us but a small part of me says that I shouldn’t. I should always try to aim at better..much better. And that is what is written. Calvin’s destiny can’t be all that true. Its definitely puzzling though. Lets seeeeeee.

Internship begun. It’s a cycle that will go on for another year and a half. It’s a pretty long course especially since all my friends are clearing out this year (except the ones doing LL.B..oh you must have got that..:)). And that too, a person told me, second graduation. I was almost on the verge of arguing but then i realised its true. Fine. I better be reciprocated. Like really.:)
E and I went and sat in Stephen’s cafeteria and it’s actually nice. We were there for 2 hours (yeah, my timetable is pretty lenient) and were discussing/bitching about law(yers)..interesting conversation that made and a cup (okay, two) of coffee..neattt!!:). Whinyyy mood.

On a totally different tangent, my hair is long again. :):)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And she tells me to give them won’t be as hard as you make it to be. She gave Economics honors and BA honors exams together (and got a distinction in both which at that time was a massive deal). But someone has got to convince her that she was a genius and her daughter’s (wow, felt real good saying it) not. Like she thinks both of us are equally fair but anyone else who sees us would say, without even thinking twice, that my mom is at least two shades fairer. Her response to everyone being ‘bacchi hai. She goes to college. She’s tanned’. Really? I wish I was like her though..

Finally, the fun weekends have started. Work the whole week and shopping on the weekend. Not shopping shopping but going out and eating AND shopping..okay, I know I ve used this word 4 times already but I don’t shop as much as you think I do. It’s just the very idea that’s exciting. Then watching movies (saw ‘break ke baad’ and ‘band baaja baraat’ both of which were good except the ridiculous ending and case39 which was okishh :)). And sleeeeeeeping. You SEEEEEEEE what I am talking about. Happpppy weekends for a month of which only 10 days are left.

Ankur may get married in 2 to 2.5 years. It’s not tomorrow and we knew it already but the very idea becoming a reality is a little disturbing yet exceedingly pleasant. Woohoo!

Okay, I should get back to researching on the boring Gujarat solar power plant.


Ps-I can’t decide who is cuter..Yashvi or Sana..they are at par right now. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

In reference to pugsie's because we cannot not expect. We are all selfish. We cannot be happy unless we have our demands met. If, for instance, there was a person that we gave everything to..out of our own happiness and that person happily kept taking it..u know somewhere inside..probably a tiny tiny tiny fraction of our mind/heart will Want that person to do something in reciprocation appreciating what we have done. I mean, however callous it may sound, we even expect God to listen to our prayers so how can we not have those expectations from men/women. Now, you’ve either got to be a super human or have a person in your life who fulfills your expectations(out of his own will but Also because you are doing the exact same thing) whatever name you give it..and say that we don’t expect anything from each other when you do and you have those met. There are no selfless good deeds as Joey states. A feeling of gratitude or a big gift(preferably:D)..anything..but we need something. :)

Hum neki kar dariya main daal hi nahi sakte..its humanly impossible. We can do good, show it to people and remember it for future references. But here's hoping that we'll improve:)