Monday, July 30, 2012


Last day at HSA and surprisingly, I am missing the co-interns who’ve left and P ma’am. Enjoyed it all.  Anyway, The Immortals of Meluha is such a cool book..and Lord Shiva is so amazingly modern and wonderful. In love.  
I really hope what I am wishing for comes true. Its gonna be okay even if it doesn’t but if it’ll be all happinesssssssssssssssJ

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cufflinks..and the feelings!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Celebrate Every Day:)

It bothers me so much that PushP is and will remain an ignored baby till he statts taking care of himself whereas other people's baby are brought up in such comforts and even luxury. When i reached home yesterday and saw him literally hanging on the walker(Yes, we got him a walker too) with tears in his eyes, i was saddened again by the fact that his parents who were moving around him doing work in our house were totally apathetic to the baby. Moreover, his mom told me that he ate cement..wth. And on the other hand there are babies like amitabh bachhans' grand daughter or even kids like us..he doesnt even get the basic concern and care. UNFAIR. I wish that God made the society more equal and babies without any fault of their own din have to suffer that much. And karma played its vengeful role in the very same birth(if several births exist) so that a person would know exactly what he is being punished for..people who commit heinious crimes like rape and so on would be condemned in that very same life. Bloody barbarians. Ok, getting back on the topic, since i am wishing i would actually wish that things like this wouldnt happen in the first place and this would be an utopian society and not kalyug.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

You..actual yet totally unwilling palpitations. Weird. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My greed is spreading over watches too. Oh..the luxury that i convert into need and want..there are two watches that i really want for now..when i start earning or when i get a super rich guy who loves spending on me(kidding..or not;)) i'd get them. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Firstly, happpppy monsoon. Its raining..i need a geyser to my family's surprise..but its RAINING!!!:) is exploring and increasing my craziness and laughing abilities. :)
I wana read the Shiva triology but just don have the time..

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I just want you to know who i am:)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reached office at 8 cuz i had work to finish..what fun. The best part..there are these really sweet guys who reached early just to help me even though they hadn't got this work..pleasing, right?:) I like these internship guys..they leave a good memory..whenever i think of them, its just happy stuff. Aw. Okay, I've finished work and that's why am blogging in case you think i am doing it in middle of my task. Nooooo. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Amazing spiderman so cannot surpass spidey.

Spidey with My Toby Maguire is way way way better than the amazing spider man. Andrew Garfield is a good actor, he has tried to be witty and has been somewhat successful with it..even Emma Stone is good but you know..spidey just had a different and the coolest(ever) feel to it. When Andrew was being called peter parker in the first few was as if people were misnaming him. it just din fit and the character has certain basic he cared nothing about his aunt. Even when the people were being evacuated due to some lizard business..he not once thought of saving his aunt May..unlike the original parker who showed so much concern and absolute affection. Even his uncle's killer..he forgets about him after the initial rage and search..suddenly that also doesnt matter. and you see no love even though those people had been taking care of him for long. WTH. In the Toby Maguire movie..they show him talking to the villain finally getting into his head that the Doc 0ck isnt him..nothing like that in this movie. i am not comparing but these were the things that were obviously missing in this one. And what about his love for M.J...his aunt telling him that when she had moved into the neighbouring house for the first time' he had asked his aunt if she was an adorable. And you remember the first line of the toby maguire movie that i have mentioned in many blogs earlier..that is breathtaking. This movie was like a normal love/like story..who enjoys that?;)

I think he was shown to be vaguly inconsiderate about thing that should really matter. But the special effects and 3D was beyond brilliant. You have to see it for that purpose. But i just kept missing Toby and thinking that he could have done it so much better. and oh oh, whats with his physique..size zero i would say. He is actually like a stick..Toby even though din have the best body but did make some muscles to look apppropriate for his role the role..this one was always wearing the costume afraid of showing the bones(and veins) and only bones underneath. Get a body dude..

I am not being partial to My spidey(okayyy, probably i am)..but even avengers was an amazing movie with the right classy attitude and sexy lines..this movie just din do that for me. Obviously you can see my love for the original:)..but amazing spiderman is just not that amazing. Blah.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I was worrying about the wrong thing forgetting to be happy about the thing that has made me hold on to work. Its gonna be awesome. HSAJ. Holidays were super fun and I have a strong hunch that I am going to be extremely sleepy during the first couple of days but who cares;)

Exploring and shopping is turning out to be great. Chandni Chowk is so cool. And paranthe wale gali ke fried paranthe..pretty niceeee. I guess we were hungry that we ended up eating 6 paranthas for three people..but good stuff. And despite the scorching weather, the shops there are so hospitable that it din bother us at all and roaming around in the galis and galis inside galis having lassi and dahi bhalle at all the known places was wonderful. YayJ

Baby is soooooooo cute..i accidently made him fall(don’t don know how it was) the other day and anky calls me baby-beater since then. I try not taking it seriously. So basically he began sobbing after but then I picked him up and started singing(he loves it when I do that) and in less than a minute he was see how innocent and sweet(and thankfully forgetful) he is. Kisssssy to him.  Spidey I wana seeeeee.