Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The workers do strenuous work all day whilst the adorable baby just keeps lying on my terrace in this scorching heat with stones and mud but enjoying as much. Yesterday i went upstairs to give these labourers something and i met him. This 7 month old cutie pie..having fun sitting alone in between all the mess. I, obviously, picked him up and he readily came into my arms. and since then..he's been at my place. I am addicted to his presence. Right now, he is sleeping on the bed as i write this blog. He's this chubby little darling with the cutest tummy..I've told his mom to leave him here whenever he is sleeping or in the playing mood..i am all ready. And you have to see how extremely happy and fun loving he is..and how extremely lovable..total awwwwww. Bless him. Yayyyy. I should study also.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So these mean star world people have stopped showing Friends(the FUNNNN sitcom) because of blah blah and blah reasons. Do you know how extremely irritated I am..anky said that I would be having trouble digesting lunch and he is kinda right! Like since time immemorial or 4-5 years, I remember turning on my tv (during exam time and preparation leave) at exactly 1.30, heating my food and laughing while I eat it and it has been as good as always. God bless the producer/director of friends..they unimaginably and unpredictably did an excellent job. And now its stopped..before my exams ending. That's just unfair..and against principles of natural justice(hah);).

PS-ThankGod I don own a car or don earn to fill fuel into it.
PPS-Anky just made me laugh so hard..actual tears in eyes..he's one funny dude! Tiger on a skateboard;):):):):)no idea how he spontaneously comes up with such hilarious stuff. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Avengers is brilliant.
Iron man..super witty..he's one of the reasons the movie doesn't get boring. I loveee him!!!
Hulk..even though i liked Eric Bana better(maybe cuz he's cuter)..but Bruce Banner is also pretty good. His hulk-y acting..extremely naiceee!

On question though..where does he get his trousers from when he expands...where? It could be the stretch lycra material that he wears but it cannot eeeeestretch That much?;) 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Make me happppppppy!

I am so fickle minded..it's funny sometimes!

My need to avoid people is so over-powering..i saw this girl from school at the metro and i actually got up and changed my seat. I wonder why..what happens to being friendly to your old friends, forget making new ones! Weird! I am assuming that i was tired after exam.

Sucky weather!

I am 24..funnnnnnnnn! There is NO difference but yay anyway:)

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Birthday during exam time is so much worse than having it during holidays..throughout my school days, I used to literally crib if the summer vacations started on 14-15th may and be super glad if they began on 21st may..I could get gifts if the school was running on my birthday..;) but during exams..sucky! Its almost as if the excitement is snatched. But gifts..yay even now!!:)

This excessive blogging is cuz of excessive boredom and stoooopid postponement of exams.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy is an understatement:)

Getting married to the person you always dreamt of getting married to...how perfect and wonderful is that. Its getting closer and closer and closerrrrrrr. You two blessed souls..lots of love:-) elation is 10056 on scale of 100..i am tellling you:)

Ps-Anky will sit on a horsey(or preferably a hot bike..but thats more of his imagination)..:-D