Friday, September 25, 2015

So long..

Working in my nth law firm..well, not nth but 3rd..its good, but one of my bosses is crazy and really impudent. During my interview which lasted a good 1 hour 15 minutes, he acted really sweet and he said he likes my smile(in a non-creepy way though). And I remember the line from my-still-favourite-spidey that 'With great power comes great responsibility(to do good)' but where did it say that great responsibility could also mean being manner-less and blunt. But, thankfully, the other partner in the firm is really sweet and encouraging. That what I need. Actually, thats's what everyone needs. Hence, the respect for him.

And just so that you tea latte has been discontinued due to limited demand..wth? Life is just not fair. And then I again realize that the tragedies happening with the syrian refugees is so so so so so so so so so so depressing and heart crushing. Wish I could adopt a Syrian child Angelina-Brad are doing but unfortunately, I cant do that even,. I hope God makes their lives better. And everyone else's. Love.