Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Green Greek Geek LOVES Green Tea Latte.

This amazing drink deserved a i obviously love this lovely looking light green, more like pista colored drink that taste, i don know another word for it-so lets call it divine. Its so good that i have to have it everytime i am around starbucks and i strive to be around starbucks just to have this refreshing drink. Its like all the drinks i ve likes on one side and green tea latte on the other and guess who wins. I also think that this drink is the reason behind my weight gain, but i also do think that its healthy as in only milk, green tea powder and vanilla essence(yes, i saw it being made). Now, it might sound a lil off to you when i say it..but its awesomely awesome. 

I even have a conspiracy theory on why my friends din like it. So, all the other coffeeshops must be giving money to customers(which somehow included my friends..whaaaa) to hate this drink because obviously they cant make this yummy stuff and hence, my friends pretended to not like it. Hah..and you thought i would get fooled or dissuaded. You so wish.

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Light said...

swati.. it is seriously Not tasty!.. nu uh!