Friday, January 4, 2013

:( the only possible reason for all the evil happening to people in this world. That is the only thing that seems plausible. Otherwise 60000 people wouldn't have been killed in syria, those innocent children wouldn't have been killed in Conneticut, 26/11 wouldn't have happened, every year people wouldn't have been getting killed because of mere cold, girls wouldn't have been getting raped left right center and men(and even women) wont be justifying it.. Probably they(the victims of this life) committed rape(or anything more heinous than this) in the their last birth or thy wouldn't have been suffering now. I wish this world had actually ended on 21st Dec, 12 because it definitely better than living in this kalyug. This country is getting sicker by the day. Really makes me doubt the caring, all forgiving nature of God otherwise that girl(and billion others without any fault of theirs) wouldnt have died. Its all karma. It all has to be karma and nothing else. There can be no other reason  for all this bestiality looming large in our society. And its so frighteningly unfair.. :(

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